Marijuana is by far the most commonly used illegal drug in the USA as well as many other countries. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is not at all physically addictive. It may be mentally addictive just like video games, TV, or even eating. What about all the other things that are physically addictive like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol but are still legal. Smoking cigarettes causes lung and other cancers and is one of the biggest contributors to death in the United States. Alcohol abuse is another major health problem for Americans. A lot of people dont realize it, but the outlawing of marijuana was a terrible mistake. No one will admit it, but something went really wrong and now it just gets more difficult for governments to legalize it.

In addition, marijuana has been proven to be effective in stimulating appetite in AIDS victims, and helping pressure for patients with glaucoma. Many people use marijuana as a medicine today, despite it being illegal. In doing so, they risk arrest and imprisonment. This brings up another issue, overcrowded prisons because of users who

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