Topic Water (biology)
Davis Cook
Ap Biology
Period 6
Water Essay
One property of water is how it deals with temperature. It absorbs a lot of heat before its actual temperature starts to rise. This is because compared to other fluids it takes a lot more heat to change the temperature measurably. Eventually the heat will break up the hydrogen bonds and speed up the molecules to turn the water into steam. For living organisms this becomes very useful when we sweat because our sweat or “water” will absorb the heat from our bodies and effectively cool our own temperature down.

Another property of water is how it acts as a solvent and one of the best. If a substance is added to the water over time the molecules will surround the the ion and make them diffuse throughout the body of water. The same thing happens in our blood. Our blood is about 50% plasma and plasma is about 90% water. This allows us to take

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