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Disadvantages of Starbucks
Disadvantages of Starbucks
There are a lot of disadvantages compare to advantages of Starbucks. Firstly, Starbucks use high cost of coffee beans to make a coffee. It has a high production cost to make a coffee. For example, cost of employees is high because working at Starbucks will require communicating by using English language, the location of the Starbucks must be at a very crowded place so there will be more customers and it require a higher cost for rental.

Next, a lot of students will using their free time by dating with friends at Starbucks and consume the high cost drinks. It will be wasting their time and money. Students who do not earn income spend their money at Starbucks is unnecessary.

Besides, there are a lot of competitors in the coffee market today. Coffee Beans, McDonalds’s McCafe, Dunkin Donuts and others are the major competitors of Starbucks. All of the restaurant starting to sell coffee as well as the food because of the demand of coffee increase. A lot of consumers willing to spend their money in buying a cup of coffee from the competitors which could be more cheaper compare to Starbucks. In some area, Starbucks might not success in doing in high competitive area because

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