Harrison Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron essay         Imagine a future of the government. That is what going on in the Harrison Bergeron. Having seen the movie and read the story. I notice a lot of changes between the two. However, the changes made in the movie did not change the theme of the story.        The short story take place in 2081and the movie take place in 2053. In the story, they wear bags that filled with leads ball, and others wear mask so they won’t feel unequal to anyone else. In the movie they only wear handicaps, so they decreasing everyone’s IQ to the average point. In the movie no one wear mask to hide their beauty.         In the story he was fourteen years old, six feet tall, athletic, genius, and good looking. In the movie he was way different than the short story describe him. He wasn’t very handsome, and he’s far from being smart. In the story the head handicapper general was a girl she didn’t need to wear any handicaps. In the movie they were secret organization.        In the story they said that he got shot by other people. In the movie he guess in one of the TV show and he show that he killed himself. Some people in the movie were brainwash.         In my opinion I don’t think the theme of the story change because they didn’t really change a lot, they probably just change some but it didn’t make the story far from the movie. I like the movie better than the story because in the short story they have mask and bag filled with leads balls.

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