The Lord of the Rings
Essay title: The Lord of the Rings
The Lord Of The Rings
The first movie in the lord of the rings trilogy the fellowship of the rings is the same basic plot as in many movies the struggle between good and evil. It shows how easy it is for a good person to go wrong and how even bad people can make a turn around and that everyone deserves a second chance and how everything can change in a matter of a second. This movie combined with its great action, loyalty to stopping evil, and the very attractive actors makes this movie unforgettable.

The movie begins with the history of how the great ring of power came to be. There were rings made for all in power to be able to rule there own race but they were all deceived when in secret the dark lord Sauron forged another ring one which would rule them all “one ring to rule them, one ring to find them and in the darkness bind them”. With this one ring Sauron becomes the most powerful and begins to take over. But there are those willing to fight him an army of elves and men stand to fight him and when it seams all is lost and they will fall. But the kings (who is killed) son Isildur takes up his fathers sward and cuts the ring of power from Saurons hand which takes all the power from him and he is what scenes to be destroyed, or will be when the ring of power is destroyed by throwing it into mount doom. But when Isildur is taken up to the fires in Mount Doom he refuses to destroy the ring. This is the first time it seams good has failed because by not destroying the ring Isildur has let the want of power take him over and he has also allowed Sauron to survive. The on the way back to his kingdom Isildur is murdered, his men try and take the ring from him and kill him but they do not get the ring it falls into the river and escapes. Then it is picked up by a creature called Gollum and the ring consumes him, it brings to Gollum unnatural long life. Gollum keeps the ring for nearly five hundred years, but then the ring abandons Gollum. The ring however is picked up by the most unexpected person Bilbo Baggins a Hobbit from the shire. The ring then presides in Bilbos care which also gives him unnatural long life. The ring remains undiscovered until Bilbos one hundredth and eleventh birthday party. An old friend Gandulf come to the party and this is where he begins to notice something about Bilbo. Bilbo has a grand plan for this party and his relative Frodo knows something is going to happen. Bilbo has his grand party and gives a speech and at the end of the speech he disappears. Gandulf follows Bilbo and gets him to leave the ring to Frodo. Gandulf thinks there is something very powerful about the ring and tells Frodo he must hide the ring and tell no one of it. Gandulf then leaves to learn what he can about the ring. When he returns he asks Frodo to throw it into the fire and when the ring is taken out it flows in elvish “One ring to rule them, one ring to find them and in the darkness find them”. It was as Gandulf feared this was the one ring. Frodo tries to get Gandulf to take the ring but he says he can not or he would use it to good but threw him the ring would do horrible evil things. This is once again where good and evil meet. However good prevails because Gandulf makes the choice to not use the ring and to stay away from it. While this is all going on Gandulf hears something and catches Sam listening into his and Frodos conversation. He tells Sam he will go with Frodo to the prancing pony and he will meet them there he has something he needs to get answers for. He tells them they must go fast because the enemy has captured the creature Gollum and he told them two things Baggins and Shire so they will be coming for Frodo and must hurry. While the two are on there way out of the shire they run into Mary and Pippin who are stealing from a farmers crops. They then continue to walk but are almost caught by a Ringwaith. Marry and Pippin want to know what is going on and it becomes dark and they are followed by several Ringwaiths and are almost caught but escape onto a ferry boat. All four hobbits make it to the prancing pony only to find that Gandulf is not there. What happens to Gandulf is he has gone to Saruman and wants to get answers about the ring from him but what he finds his that Saruman has joined the dark side and is going to help build an army for Sauron. This is another example of good v. evil and this time evil wins. A man who was been good his entire life changes to becoming evil to gain power he wants to share the power with Sauron but Sauron does not share power. He tells Gandulf he must join him or else. Gandulf refuses and is taken captive by Saruman. This is yet another test for Gandulf and he choices yet again to remain good, he choices the hard way. Because he has been taken captive he does not meat Frodo and the others at the prancing pony. While the

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