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Logan Chapman
May 9, 2013
Period 4
The longest war in American history, the Vietnam War, caused great social, political, and economic tensions within the United States. The Americans sent millions of troops to the shores of Vietnam in 1964 and the twenty-year war for the Americans began. With the first attack by the Americans, the questions started to pour in about whether the war was right or wrong. The questionable war brought tremendous tensions in America. President Nixon talking about the war conflict said, “Let us be united for peace. Let us also be united against defeat. Because let us understand: North Vietnam cannot defeat or humiliate the United States. Only Americans can do that” (Document G). As for the American people the concern of being defeated was not a problem, rather than the fact that the country was participating in an unjustified war. Between the years of 1964 through 1975 tensions arose in America because of the Vietnam War in three main aspects, which included social, political, and economic tensions.

Socially, the tensions from the war caused
Politically, the support of the war started to decrease as the war continued on. Going in to the war most of the public supported the cause, as it seemed like an important war to fight. As the war proceeded on, it lost much support from the American people. A major reason why political tensions grew was due to President Johnsons Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

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