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Against a Longer School Year
Shouldn’t we not have a longer school year? Having a longer school cuts down on family time like family vacation. Also, a longer school year cuts back on family time. Also, a longer school year means less time that children spend outdoors. In my opinion, we should not have a longer school year.

Having a longer school year cuts down on time like family vacation. Many students take family vacations during summer. If  the school year gets extended  there is a possibility that those students either won’t take family vacations or will still take the vacation which means they won’t be in school. With many of the students already gone during a regular school year having a longer school just means more students being gone. Since those students will be gone the school will have less and less students to actually teach.

Also, a longer school year cuts back on family time.Many parents believe in just spending a weekend at home talking and spending time with their kids. Some parents even have their child home for some of the summer break just to spend quality time with them. If the school year gets extended than those parents are robbed of their parent child quality time. Some children especially younger children enjoy quality time with

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