Study Logs
Study Logs
An important exam is coming up. The professor hands out reviews
for the exams. Studied several hours and felt confident on taking the exam.
Day of the exam is here and done in twenty minutes. Next class meeting
returned exams and disappointed with the grade.
Students hate to study for exams, even though they have too, if they
want a good GPA. Every student has a different style or studying technique,
it just depends on the student. As for me, I like to do my review first. If it’s
a math review, I rewrite the whole review. Same problems, but different
numbers and then I solve. I do this a couple of times until I feel comfortable
with the material. Then the day of the exam I review once again to refresh
my memory. When I review, I like my surroundings quite. I’m not the type
that can study with the television or radio on. I’m easily distracted. I also
don’t study for long periods of time but short periods, several times a day.
Too me when I study for long periods, after 20 to25 minutes, I get bored and
distracted very easily. I rather study 20 minutes here and there, keep my
mind fresh not soaked with data. The best times to study for me is in the
morning because my mind is fresh and awake, but then get tired during the
afternoon. Then I’ll study a couple of minutes before bed, so my brain can

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