Lab Report
Panich Amatamahutana
Introduction to digital design
Lap report #1
To introduce the student to the laboratory equipment and to connect and test circuit.
Circuit Description:
We wire the 74LS04 and 74LS08 together. Both of the chips are wired to input A, B, C and it will produce the output Y, Z. We have a total of 8 different input combinations. The output Y, Z will change with the change in combination of input.

There are 2 ways to obtain the output of different combination. First method is that we wired the output to the LED light on the board. The LED will return either red or green light in which green light represent 1 and red light represent 0. The second method is to connect the circuit to the computer. Then we run the program to produce and output diagram.

Circuit Design:
The circuit consists of two chips, 74LS04 (U1) and 74LS08 (U2).
The chip U1 connects to three inputs, A, B, C. These inputs are switches which can switch between 0 and 1. The chip U1 also connects to the Z output. The chip U2 connects to the Y output and an input A. Both of the chips are connects to the Voltage source of +5V and to the Ground. The two chips are connected by the Y ports to the other chips input ports. The output Z is connected to port 5Y of the U1 chip and the output Y is connected to the port 3Y.

Fig.1 shows the actual chips schematic. It will show us how to wire the circuit.
The logic diagram of the circuit is shown in fig.2. The logic diagram contains the logic gate of both chips. It will make it easier to calculate the Boolean output by hand.


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