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Project Team 7 Cleopatra Case
Competitive Analysis:
Cleopatra has several key Opportunities and threats that need to be taken into consideration as we begin to look towards a Quebec re-launch. After a disappointing first attempt we cannot afford to miss targets on the new roll out losing the little market share that we have gained. Looking at the Competitive Analysis in Figure 1 of the Appendix we see that current players pose some big challenges we need to account for throughout our strategy.

Current brand loyalty across the 4 major soaps (Ivory, Irish Spring, Zest, Dove) amounts to 44.9% of the market share
Diversified products from Lever and P&G make up almost 60% of the market as opposed to our 16.8%
Low costs are a main buying decision driver within Quebec
Based on this information and the SWOT analysis below we should focus on educating customers on the value of a premium product and position Cleopatra as more than a soap, providing benefits beyond the average purchase.

Domestic Market Analysis:
Based on the VOC Matrix below we can see that there are a few incremental changing we should make to the product and our marketing strategy before we re-launch.

Voice of the Customer (VOC) Matrix
Used to Translate the Voice-of-the-Customer to what is Critical to Change
Voice of Customer
Key Issue
Critical Change
It smells good
Too strong of smell
Scent is too polarizing
Tone down the scent to appeal to larger masses
Price too high
Customers do not understand a need to pay more for soap
Work to minimize cost and educate customers on value of soap to maximize market share
Not available where I shop
Market entry has been based on pull strategy thus far
We need to focus efforts on retailers to get penetration
I already have a soap
Brand loyalty is abundant in the soap market
Focus on educating on the benefits of premium soap
Market-Product Analysis
Our Market-Product Analysis shows that we have a few areas to focus on within the Quebec market before we move towards a global strategy. By working on lowering our costs and educating consumers on value of premium product we should be able to begin to see results in market share gain within the area.

Customer and Product Forces Driving Market Growth Rate
The Soap Market within Quebec is a very slow growing market with many product options available to choose from. Given this it is extremely important that we make every effort to ensure that our product is available in any store that our targeted segment chooses to shop. We also need to create a very impactful message inspiring consumers to try our product.

Recommendations for Improvements
NOT RECOMMENDED- Certainly this is not an option; current position of product is not meeting shareholders expectations
NOT RECOMMENDED- there are still opportunities in the market c than can make new product a successful increase of revenues for the organization
Based on the current Market-Product Analysis, we recommend opting for a “Build strategy” move. We must improve market positioning for Cleopatra soap, increase or find more innovative and effective ways to increase promotion for the renovated soap. It is also necessary to adjust price to make it more competitive, exploit Canadian market distribution channels (CP -existing and brand loyal products).

In fact, once these tactical strategic recommendations are applied, long term relationship with vendors must take place in order to have premium place on major vendors/retailers.

In conclusion, we recommend an offensive strategy that will reposition Cleopatras soap by tweaking our soap formula to please larger masses while utilizing a push strategy, consumer education, and lower cost to gain market share.

Analysis of Original Global Entry Strategy
What went wrong?
Key issue: price – SOAP price is highly competitive in Canada and new product pricing strategy determine price above premiere competitor ” Dove”
Under performed market research. Wrongly focused on if customers would buy or not instead of what the target market is expecting from “luxury soap”. From the beginning there was a wrong assumption that if it was a success on the French market; it will be on the Canadian market too.

Wrong target market consumers : high class professional women ( IT WAS USED IN THE TRYOUT)
Wrong Advertising campaign, they utilized French TV Commercial with minor variances
Implementation of pull strategyProducts were not available on shelves ( Exhibit 12)

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