Identery in the Hispanic Culture
Nereida Saucedo-AvalosKeri DuLaney-GregerEnglish 12215 April 2015                                                                      Identity     One thing we can all agree is, as we grow older we encounter many phases in our lives. Our identity changes with the challenges we encounter with people and the way we are treated by them will alter the way we think and perceive the future. When I was a little girl my name was “passive and obedient” never getting on anyone’s bad side. I would come home from school I would do house chores by doing this I was pleasing my parents because that was who I was supposed to be. Growing older my name changed to “the role model” never having the opportunity to make mistakes and if for some reason I happened to make one I would have to clean it up so one else would notice. Many of us walk the earth blind just pleasing everyone around you, and always playing it safe. Never having the opportunity to find out true identity. Think or act by ourselves

Diego went through many identities. He had to live a life of lies and live someone else’s expectations even when he’s grandmother Dona Julia dint approve of him. He found him-self being the “Titere” (puppet) of his grandparents. For them to be pleased Diego had to be submissive and robotic like. We become the robots while growing up we can’t think or act on our own. We like Diego are the puppets that everyone around us get to make us move with their hands while we hang from the strings glued to our hands and legs, but when we finally open our mouths and words come out we make our selves heard and like Diego we start to explore the world around us in search of our identities, but instead of finding ourselves we become one of the bunch. We blend in so well with others searching for the same thing we are that we get confused on who and what we truly are, and really distinguish us from the rest of the people. It may take years to come out into the light that when we finally do find who we are we realize that we dint have to go around the world searching for something that we had within us all the time. All we needed to do was accept ourselves as who we are.

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