Story About How I Encountered an Obstacle and Overcome It
Essay Preview: Story About How I Encountered an Obstacle and Overcome It
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Im going to tell a story about how I encountered an obstacle and overcome it.It all happened two years ago, my parents were already divorced. I lived with my father and my other two brothers in Segur de Calafell, Tarragona. I was 17 years old, my brother Alex was 15 years old and my brother Pol was 2 years old. One day we were having dinner at a restaurant in Cubellas all together when my father made an important announcement. He told us that for work reasons he would have to go a few months out of the country to work. At first I was shocked but I accepted it, but I really had not stopped to think what that really meant. The serious thing of all that was that we did not live near any family member so we would have to stay my brothers and me alone at home during all the time that my father was away working. I still did not have a car drivers license, but I did have a motorcycle license, so I could take a 50 cubic centimeter car that was in my house. Thanks to that car I could take my brothers to school every morning.While my father was away, I was responsible for the three brothers. So, that meant doing many tasks that my father used to do before. For example, dressing my little brother before going to school, preparing breakfasts for everyone. Then do both lunch and dinner. The least I liked was cleaning the dishes, and washing and ironing clothes.At least my brother Alex helped me to clean the bathrooms, the dining room, the kitchen All this hampered my studies in the institute, since all these tasks took away a lot of study time. So, I had to plan my time very well to be able to do everything.

I also started doing other tasks that I had never done before such as going shopping and watering the plants or feeding dogs, cats and birds.Another thing that I had to learn is to manage the money, I did not work at the time but my father used to pass me money every month so that I and my brothers had everything we needed. I had to be very careful not to spend the money quickly because if I ran out of money my father could not send me more until the next month because in the country where he was the communications with Spain and the Internet were difficult to access.In conclusion, after having seen the situation that I and my brothers had to live, I have to say that this experience lived when I was 17 years helped me to mature, to be much more responsible and to be more independent. It also helped me to value more everything I have and that I did not previously appreciate the efforts that my father had to do for it. And finally, it helped me to have the courage to face the obstacles that life imposes no matter how big they are.

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