Case Study
Having completed the pair assignment for SPM enriched me in the following ways. This was the first time since my undergraduate degree where I had to do literature research, reference articles and write a 4000 word page report. I must say that it did not come easy. I struggled initially with the research and to find the right articles for our chosen topic. After finding the articles that somehow matched our topic the research took me into dark alleys. As soon as I thought that I had a great article the references cited took me even into darker alleys. I learned that research is never ending in that you will search from one author to another. This process may take you hours, days, weeks or months. After we finalised our research articles we had to start forming our argument with reference to our research. I especially found it difficult not to cite the research authors directly but rather try to form my own opinion of what was suggested as per literature. Even though I got frustrated at times, I felt a sense of achievement after our literature review was completed. Out next step was to gain insight on how our topic was being exercised in practice. I found that the interview and questionnaire process was a success. I learned how much individuals respect you as an academic person (MBA candidate) and the willingness to share information. Our interviewees valued our questions and opinions and they were open and forthcoming with the necessary information we required. I learnt how other organisations might be seen as doing good within certain aspects of their business, but when queried about those elements, one realise how fortunate you are to work for your current company. It relates to the old saying that you might be searching for

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