Simon The Cyrenian Speaks
Essay Preview: Simon The Cyrenian Speaks
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Luis Flores
Simon the Cyrenian Speaks
This poem talks about a black man who at first refuses to do the work that hes suppose to do because he thinks their making him do this because he is black

and how he speaks out to say what he thinks.
“He never spoke a word to me,
And yet He called my name;
He never gave a sign to me,
And yet I knew and came.
1. At first I said, “I will not bear
His cross upon my back;
He only seeks to place it there
Because my skin is black.”
But He was dying for a dream,
And He was very meek,
And in His eyes there shone a gleam
Men journey far to seek.
It was Himself my pity bought;
I did for Christ alone
What all of Rome could not have wrought
With bruise of lash or stone.”
by Countee Cullen
The three literary devices in this poem are speaker/voices ,sound devices and a little symbolism.
The speaker in this poem talks about someone making trying to make him do something that he does not want to do because of his race.
The sound devices in this poem is end rhyme he uses words

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