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Thomas Williams
English 1010
9:30 Tuesday
Going out with your friends on a Friday night is always fun. You start out the night with a little dinner and then you could venture out to the local bar or club. You think “I dont have to work tomorrow.” So you proceed to drink a few beers and before you know it you have drank ten. Some might say that this could be bad, but for people that live in Utah it would and wouldnt be a problem because in the state of Utah the beer only contains 3.2% alcohol. The problem that you might come up against is leaving the club or bar that you are in at 1:00 am after consuming the ten beers.

Lets say that you are in California and you went out and had ten beers, you would probably be a little more intoxicated then in Utah, but in California you arent asked to leave the bars or clubs until 2:00 or so. California also stops serving alcohol at 1:00 am, giving patrons enough time to sober up to get home safely.

Now this brings us to an intriguing issue of “Why?”. Why is Utah so special? Why do we get the short end of the stick? The answer is because Utah is one of 18 states that have controlled liquor laws. These laws are somewhat overbearing on the people that live in these 18 states. Almost all of the 18 states have about the same laws about the restrictions on alcoholic substances.

To some people these laws come as a comfort. Knowing that it is getting harder and harder for minors to get a hold of alcohol. When they do get it the content of the alcohol is very little that one has to consume a great deal of beer to get intoxicated.

In conclusion, alcohol laws are becoming ridiculously overbearing. There shouldnt be certain states that have special laws for them because they think that they are more special then the rest of the

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