Strategic View from the Ceo’s Perspective
Strategic View from the CEO’s PerspectiveAccording to an article published in Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 2016, Mr. Prince said that his life’s work is to completely revolutionize the way business is done. He believed that business shouldn’t be about maximizing dollars, but instead about purpose, service and people. It’s not about making money but making a difference.To make a difference in the lives of his staff, Mr. Prince discovered that some of his staff were living without running water, sleeping on friends couches, commuting over an hour to work, waiting to start a family until they could afford it and taking money out of their 401(k) to pay their bills. They were people who stayed up all night in their pajamas answering phone calls from clients, canceled Friday night dates to help merchants in emergencies and went outside of their job description to make sure the independent businesses served achieved incredible success. Though, he initially committed to value and care about them but in 2015, he realized that every day, he was damaging the well-being of his team. It was a moral imperative for him since he was not able to put his staff’s needs ahead of his business. The analysis of the situation made him believe that $70,000 equal wage by 2017 would not only impact staff’s quality of life, but also improve the success of its clients. By eliminating the distraction of personal lives (Murray, 2016), it will help staff to turn their job into an extension of their values, rather than a place they go to make ends meet.

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