Freedom Story of an Hour
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“The Story of an Hour”
Kate Chopin
“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is about an hour in the life of Mrs. Millard. Mrs. Millard has a heart condition. Some terrible news has come about her husband. He had died in a railroad disaster. Josephine (Mrs. Millards sister) and Richard (husbands friend) were going to break the news to Mrs. Millard as calmly and gently as they could. Richard was in the Newspaper office when the news was received about a railroad disaster.

When Mrs. Millard heard the terrible news, she did not wait to listen to the rest of the story. She was Shocked! She fell straight into her sisters arms and started to cry. After the shock was over she went into her room. She did not let anyone follow her. There she sat facing an open window looking into the spring sky. Mrs. Millard knew something was coming but she did not know what. Mrs. Millard mumbled out, “free, free, free.” She was relaxed after she had said that. But then again she knew she would weep again when she saw her husbands hand folded in death (burial).

Mrs. Millard loved her husband–sometimes. Most of the time she did not. She was still saying, ” Free! Body and Soul free!” I think she wanting to be free of her husband; she was living for him and herself. Now that he is gone she is now living just for herself.

At the end of the story, Mr. Millard opens the door and is surprised by Josephines cry. Mr. Millard did not have a faintest idea about the accident. With a quick motion, Richard tries to block the view of Mr. Millard to Mrs. Millard, but it was too late. The doctors said she died of a heart disease. The story ends with a short phrase, “of joy that kills.”

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