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Education: Is It a Right or a Privilege?
EDUCATION: Is it a right or a privilege?Name:Course:Institution:Tutor:Date:Draft Education is one of the many sectors in the society that have received increased criticism because of issues of quality, access and cost. Liberal thinkers believe that providing a free quality education to the public greatly enhances the success opportunities of the poor communities hence allowing them to meet their self-interests (Beiter, 2005). In a way, education is the main determinant of individuals’ economic, social and political success especially in this age of technology and increased industrial revolution. I believe that education is one way of meeting the individual rights and freedom especially in economics. As such, providing free education to the less fortunate members of the society is a way for the government to show that education is a right and not a privilege (Beiter, 2005).

Income inequality has created a gap between the rich and the poor hence enabling the wealthy people to access a quality education for academic success while the poor remain unemployed because of lack of an education and skills. Every individual is entitled to economic freedom and hence everyone should be afforded the opportunity for success to fulfill their self-interests (Beiter, 2005). This will not only improve the economic status of the people, but also enhance self-realization and self-actualization in the poor communities. Education also unifies people from different communities as they are brought together in a learning institution where they can share knowledge and improve their skills. This promotes diversity in learning institutions and helps create awareness about cultural differences among the students. As such, I believe that education should be protected under the law as right and not privilege for the limited few. ReferenceBeiter, K (2005). “The Protection of the Right to Education by International Law”. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. p. 22.

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