Acceptance of Homosexuality in the Society
Essay Preview: Acceptance of Homosexuality in the Society
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Topic: Acceptance of homosexuality in the societyThesis Statement:Historicizing LGBTQ struggle and homosexual actsWestern Civilization What does LGBTQ stand for? What does “homosexual acts” pertain to? What are some of the ancient practices of the early civilizations before Christ’s era that exhibited such homosexual acts? How were homosexual acts treated or perceived during the early civilizations?Pre-colonial Philippines and the significance of babaylanes and katalonans Who are the babaylanes? What is their significance to the LGBTQ community of today? Are you familiar with their practices and capabilities which you learned or read on other classes or books? How was their power thwarted by the colonizers? What happened that made the people change their views regarding the LGBTQ community?Influences of the Roman Catholic Church on LGBTQ acceptanceIs homosexuality a sin?What does the Bible say about homosexual acts?What were some of the drastic actions that the Church did in order to repress homosexuality?As an influential figure in religiosity, what are the possible effects of Pope Francis’ remarks on the integration and acceptance of LGBTQ in the society?Despite the strong repressive state apparatus that is against LGBTQ and homosexual acts, why do you think did the campaign for their proliferation resurfaced?EssentialismAre homosexuals born or made?Homosexuality and the YouthWhat problems do young people who identify themselves as members of the LGBTQ face?Media representations of LGBTQ members: Formation of stereotypesHow was LGBTQ members portrayed on popular movies and TV shows?Can you give specific examples of the notable performances of LGBTQ portrayal?Can you share you observations with these portrayals?What are the common stereotypes directed to LGBTQ members?Do you think the media thwarted or further promoted these stereotypes?Homophobia and homonegativity: discrimination, bullying and oppression of LGBTQ membersWhat other forms of discrimination of the LGBTQ members are present in society today?What are the supporting statistics and researches that show the negative effects of homosexual discrimination and bullying?On legal affairs and human rights of LGBTQ membersShould homosexual couples be allowed to marry each other? Why or why not?What are the most prominent LGBTQ human rights violated in the Philippines?What are the civic actions of LGBTQ organizations in the Philippines in combating discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender preference?State of LGBTQ struggle todayAs a millennial who has regular access to social media platforms, what can you say about the state of LGBTQ struggle in the contemporary times?Why was there a rapid evolution on the gay culture and a continuous invisibility of the others in the spectrum?

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