Analysis About the Possible Strategies to Improve the Level of Motivation of the Employees in Abcd (pvt) Ltd
ABSTRACTMotivation is much needed for employees to go with their required performances in every industry regardless of the nature, scope or level of employment. Many researchers have emphasized the value of motivation that promotes the benefit of both management and employees. Further researchers have argued that increase of motivation is an important component of any organization system and more generally the relationship between top to bottom levels of employees in an organization. If a proper motivation culture is not established in an organization properly, it can have a huge impact on employee turnover, absenteeism, intention to leave and negative kinds of occupation related attitudes of an organization.Through this study the researcher expects to identify the relationship between the fulfillment of the level of needs as described in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory and motivation. Further, the researcher expects to find out the relationship between five different levels of needs, level of acceptance of employees, perceived level of justice. Finally from this research, the researcher attempts to propose some possible strategies for the organization to improve the level of motivation of its employees.To achieve these objectives the researcher selected ABCD   (Pvt) Ltd as the base company to select the sample. Out of the total workforce, 30 employees were selected as the sample covering non-executive employees.After considering all outcomes of the data analysis which was performed using a questionnaire as the data collection method and statistical analysis using the statistical package SPSS, the researcher came to a conclusion that there are very strong relationships between the fulfillment of the five levels of needs in the hierarchy of needs presented by Maslow and the level of motivation of employees. The results revealed that some existing facilities to employees of the company are not up to the level according to how the employees of the organization perceives it and it has a major impact on employee demotivation of the company. Hence, the existing procedure should be changed in order for the existing system to be fairer. On the other hand the company is in need of undergoing a visionary restructuring of its HR strategies in such a way that employee motivation is increased and taken care of.Contents2.1. BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY        2.2. PROBLEM STATEMENT        2.3. INTRODUCTION        2.4 WHAT IS MOTIVATION        2.5. WHY IS MOTIVATION IMPORTANT FOR BUSINESSES?        2.6. MOTIVATIONAL TECHNIQUES        2.6.1. Job design        2.6.2. Rewards        2.6.3. Employee participation        2.6.4. Quality-of-work-life programs        2.7. MOTIVATION THEORIES        2.7.1. Taylors Theory of Scientific Management        2.7.2. Mayos Theory of Human Relations        2.7.3. Maslow and Herzbergs Theory of Human Needs

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