Course Project Brainstorming and Outline
Course Project Brainstorming and Outline
This course requires you to complete a Course Project. The project is a paper that deals with a topic covered in this course. The Course Project paper will be completed in segments throughout the first four lessons of this course. The final project is the result of you hard work in Lessons 1-4 and is due in Lesson 5. The format will be the MMCO’s APA format for project papers and should be between 1600 and 1700 words (or about 5 pages). You can find the example MMCO APA Assignment Template in the Writing Center under Writing Templates in eResources.

Your project for this course will be completed in the following manner:
Lesson 1 – Brainstorming and Forming a Project Outline – Brainstorm and select the main and sub topics for your project. Submit an outline of your project paper to your instructor.

Lesson 2 – Gathering Credible Resources (Primary and Secondary) – Submit an APA formatted reference page with a minimum of three primary sources of the law and two secondary sources of the law.

Lesson 3 – Rough Draft –Submit a rough draft of your research journal based on your outline and research for instructor review and comments.
Lesson 4 – Self Review – Further refine your Rough Draft based on feedback you received from your instructor in Lesson 3 and then submit a review of your content.

Lesson 5 – Final Submission – Edit your paper based on comments from your instructor and submit your final Research Journal.
Lesson 6 – Self-Critique – submit a learning assessment by answering three questions about your experiences in this course.
Lesson 1:

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