Gustafsen Lake
Essay title: Gustafsen Lake
Gustafsen Lake.
For centuries, the natives of Canada have been suffering damages
through their land and themselves. Events such as Oka, Ipperwash, Lubican,
and Gustafsen trails the racism and cruelty to the aboriginals. Land being
usurped over for the use of natural supplies or accommodations, being killed
and jailed for protecting their rights given bygone ago. Gustafsen Lake
shows these attributes when the Secwepemc (Shuswap) was being raided
by more than one-hundred RCMP officers for carrying out an ancient ritual
that the sun dancers have done for more than a century. Gustafsen Lake
will be explained through the history and background of the native people,
the history of the land, and the communication of the government for peace
and resolution.
The Secwepemc or Shuswap for the non-natives have called, means
the Shuswap people. The reason for the non-natives calling them the
Shuswap happened when the eastern settlers came to land on British
Columbia. They could not pronounce Secwepemc so they made an easier
word to call them by. This happened with most / majority of other native
bands. There were 17 bands of Shuswap’s that controlled the vast area of
British Columbia for 10,000 years and controlling 56,000 square miles of
traditional land. The Shuswap diets through berries, meat, fish and
roots and the occupation for the them back than were hunting, fishing, and
trading. .Althought most of the bands were hybrids, they all share
similar traditions, rituals, and language. This would all soon change when
the eastern settlers came on their land and spreading smallpox in 1862,
wiping out 32 tribal villages, killing more than a hundred thousand. (SCES).
In the 19th century, the area has been industrialized, schools being built, and
the tradition being changed with less than eight thousand Shuswap,. Later in
the 19th century, they are now coming back in a positive force. Getting jobs
in many enterprises and tradition coming / being taught again. Again! The
non-natives took action to downgrade the Shuswap from advancing further
in their destiny for a better future, causing them to go back to second hand
occupations. Now that the history hits them again, they refused to be puppets
and caused rallies to the government for a better life. Declarations have been
signed, social development and economic development became prosperous
and the Shuswap people now living a happy life again. Although this sounds
like a downward spiral that goes back up again, The Shuswap people
of today will be looking forward to not go down that road again.. Elders of
the Secwepemc created traditional schools for their people to learn about the
culture and language. The Shuswap population is now growing more than
ever, less alcoholism, less early birth deaths, less incarceration, and
violence. Like every other native bands, they may struggle but they will
always find a way to confront it, just like the Oka incident.
What happened at Gustafsen Lake (Ts’

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