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In his autobiography entitled, Leons story, Leon Tillage takes the reader inside the unruly days of his childhood. Through reading the novel I have gained a firsthand account of what it meant to be black while living under the oppressive cultural norms associated with the dark Jim Crow era of the Old South. It is through associating with this character, that I have taken on an enlightened perspective for this period in history.

I would have to say that Leon, the main character, is a prime example of a dynamic character. This means that as the story progresses, Leons experiences cause him to grow and change. I feel that the reader, because Leon is dynamic, gets to know him in a personal manner. We get to experience the true affects of racism and prejudice on his life.

Upon close examination of this character, there are many character traits revealed to the reader. Character traits refer to those characteristics or qualities that a certain character possesses. For example, in this novel Leon is portrayed as a young man who has come from a religious background. I reached this conclusion through the process of indirect characterization because the novel states that they had to get down and pray as a family before going to sleep each night. Also, though from a good family, I found Leon to be slightly self conscious. This trait is also revealed through direct characterization because Leon stated that he would curse his blackness.

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