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The Legacy of Robin Hood
The legend of Robin Hood has endured throughout the years. He fought for the good of the common people and the lower class. He was remembered as a hero and victor for those who were ruled by the upper class. He fought as a lord of the common people and was a symbol for the end of the feudal system.

Robin Hoods legacy stands firm today because it is a representation of a hero to people in the Medieval Ages and still today. He helped the poor and not of nobility. Robin Hood helped the poor instead of bettering himself and making the rich even richer. Instead he became everyones hero and took from the richest and gave to the poorest. Just as he took from the rich he exposed their corrupt leaders. Just as in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. In the movie he exposed the Sherriff of Nottingham and his deceitful lies and vows to avenge the death of his father. He fought against the rich, which he was, and decided to fight with the commoners and forever remain a hero on the eyes of England.

Not only was he a Lord; he was a common man. He reversed roles and brought the land together. By fighting with the lower class he brought together the two worlds and joined them as one. Robin Hood did not fight with a sword and shield as a knight did, yet he fought with spears, bows, and arrows as a yeoman, a commoner. He will forever be remembered throughout time because he fought for the people and with the people. He stood for what he thought was right and won the hearts of people and became well respected. His legacy has endured because he was a Lord and cared and fought for the rights of the lower class.

The legend of Robin Hood persists still today because it symbolizes the end of the feudal system. Robin Hood fought to end the constant struggle of the poor and their suppression by the upper class. Along with the lower class he fought to bring down the bridges that

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