‘in Gattaca the Film-Maker Presents Characters Who Are Emotionally Cold
Essay title: ‘in Gattaca the Film-Maker Presents Characters Who Are Emotionally Cold
In Andrew Niccol’s film Gattaca, it shows us a discriminative world complete with genetic superiority and high expectations, separate people by the name ‘valid’ and ‘invalid’. By the first thought, we were easily think it is an emotionally cold world, especially those characters. However the real relationship between the main character ‘Vincent’ and those people around him shows us that those kind of thoughts were absolutely wrong. People around Vincent who saved him, helped him, loved him shows the really world of Gattaca fitfuled with emotion.

From a small age, Vincent’s life hasn’t been easy. He is a god-child with imperfect genes, once he was born, the midwife said he has 99% probability of heart disorder, and only can live 30.2 years. In his childhood, because of insurance won’t cover him, the day care centre was refuse to accept him. Untill he was grew up, in the society ‘now have discrimination down to a science’, a person like Vincent can not even find a job. However, his mother wasn’t abandoned him. She told Vincent ‘I know you will do something’. From this point shows even in the Gattaca world the family love still existed.

After Vincent left home to find and achieve his goal, the first person important to him and finally having brotherly love with him is Eugene. Eugene is the one provides Vincent everything he needed to be a borrowed ladder. As we first seeing, he is an arrogant valid with the perfect genes. He is not that friendly to Vincent and questioned him a lot because he don’t think Vincent as a invalid can be him at all. However, after the leg operation, Eugene knew Vincent’s determination, stopping question him and with the time passed, their relationship became more and more intimately. ‘I only lent you my body, but you lent me your dream’. Eugene is prode to have such brother at the end of the film, the swimming upsteps show how deeply the brotherly love between them. And the two life time supplies makes people moved to tears. How could us say that the characters in Gattaca are emotionally cold? Not only Eugene, but also Irene has the affection with Vincent. She loved Vincent by the first seeing, helped, protected him many times. For the breif view, Irene is a cool valid with frosty manner. However,

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