Jfk Assassination
Jfk Assassination
During the past couple of weeks I have seen countless theories on JFK’s assassination that has made me rethink over and over again on who could possibly be the assassin. I made my opinion on the facts and the theories that I learned in class during notes and the movies.

The first person who I think is responsible without a doubt is obviously Lee Harvey Oswald. But I don’t believe Oswald fired all the shots, or the fatal shot to JFK’s head. From watching the video, it pretty much made it obvious how almost impossible it would be for one man who is no way a world record shot by any means to fire a rifle three times in the amount of seconds Oswald did and be as accurate as he did. I believed he fired the shot that hit the ground and the shot that hit JFK in the back. I believe Oswald’s main purpose was to be a scapegoat for the real assassin.

The main person who I think is responsible for the death of JFK is not just one person but a group of people. I believe that our own government was the people responsible for the assassination of JFK. I know it is a very farfetched idea but in my opinion, based on the facts I learned, it seems to make the most sense to me. JFK was definitely not the best president. He was a womanizer and made some very bad decisions during his presidency. I think the government was worried that JFK would do something very bad that would make the citizens not only mad him, but at the government as

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