Plus-One Machinefabrik Case Study
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Chapter I:  Introduction of the CompanyM/s. Plus-one Machinefabrik is an engineering unit engaged in manufacturing Hydraulicmachines started in June 1991 in Belagavi, Karnataka. The organization has constituted into a private company in the year 2013, earlier being a sole trading concern and is now called as ‘Plus-One Machinefabrik Pvt. Ltd.’ The company is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic machines, especially in tailor-made designs, with an excellent design team having rich experience in machine designing, hydraulics and PLC (programmable logic control)automations. The company is equipped with most advanced design software, where all the machine components are designed with CAD which gives full proof design capability and confidence in the performance of the machine and also helps in checking and assessing assembly and failure analysis of the parts. The moulding presses are assembled on one base, compact packaged unit; hence one can start the machine immediately at site after filling oil and electric supply. No assembling or erection time required.  Plus-One is also into manufacturing of Sheet metal deep drawing Presses, Powder compacting Presses and Special purpose machines which cater to various automobile and Allied components.Plus-One has satisfied the need of its customers through specialized designs, with latest trends in programmable logic control, servo and proportional controls and cartridge valve to achieve superior quality and most reliable products. Every machine manufactured is carefully tested and closely watched for its ultimate performance in accordance with the latest standard guidelines, In addition to the warranty the machines are backed by excellent after sales service.

The machines manufactured are sold not only in India, but also exported to courtiers like UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Israel and Russia. History and InceptionFounded in the year 1991 with initial capital of Rs. 15 lakhs.Developed energy efficient Bladder curing Press controlled by PLC.National Award for outstanding small scale entrepreneur in 2000.Participated in IMTEX 1995, 1998, 2001.Participated in Rubber Expo 2001, 2003, 2005.Export Merit Award from AIRIA.Manufactured and sold 900 machines by the end of 2005.CRISIL Performance and Credit Rating – ‘SE 2A’.Constituted into private company in the year 2013.By 2014 the company manufactured more than 3500 machines. Chapter II: Industry ProfileAbout the IndustryHydraulics is the study of how to use the pressure of water or other liquids to produce power; it operates on the pressure created through passing water or other liquids from narrow pipes ultimately building force. It primarily includes hydraulic machines, systems and components and water hydraulic systems.Hydraulics is widely used inindustries –  Automobile industry, Aerospace industry, Machine tools, Earthmoving equipment, Marine, Heavy  presses, Die-casting machines, Injection molding, Defense etc. It is also used extensively in water projects and also in manufacturing domestic products.Hydraulic machines have many applications in the production of goods and services and several of these industries are dependent on hydraulic machines to carry out their daily processes.Hydraulic industry in India began in 60’s with a goal to minimize imports of some of hydraulic products used by industries for different purposes. Indian industries have been established based on a wide variety of technological sources, which ranges accordingly to specifications especially with regards to hydraulics.

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