Overview of Company and Products/services
Overview of Company and Products/Services
Persian Flor (PF) Company will tend to be the leader of greenhouse manufacturing sector in
Iran. It is a subdivision of Ashianeh Sabz Tehran Company and it will offer 3 types of
greenhouses for producing cut flowers and vegetables align with supportive services which will
lead to fulfill customers demands and concerns. Main aspects for guarantee PFs success will
be affordable price, full range of services, high quality material and equipment in combination
with professional team.
Summary of industry and market Analysis
The Market: According to the latest report by ministry of agriculture, the budget for expansion of
greenhouses in 2006 was around 62 million Euros and the area had a growth around 400
hectares comparing with the previous year (2004). Also, the average price of greenhouses was
around 12 to 13 Euros per square meter. Moreover, above 85% of expansion was in vegetables
and 11.5% in flower production. Development plan for expansion of greenhouses will have a
focused pattern by running around 193 greenhouse villages in 33 provinces during next four
years. Thus, our initial target markets will be Tehran and Isfahan since they are the main
provinces in Iran which have the highest potential for constructing greenhouses; 12800 hectares
and 680 hectares respectively. The growth rate of Greenhouses was around 93 % from 2001
until 2006 and it increased 6.5 % in 2006.The major reasons for this growing market in Iran are
growing government investment in this sector and high regional demand for the products with
appropriate quality. Government finds this industry as one of the main sectors that can invest
the income of oil industry to a tangible asset for the country.
Among the important decision criteria for the customers in order to choose the best
manufacturer beside price are standard quality products which could be matched with different
types of climate and purposes as well as A to Z services.
The Industry: Although the industry may be attractive for new entrants but they do not have

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