Mgmt 311 – the Hiring Process
Essay Preview: Mgmt 311 – the Hiring Process
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Hiring Process
Cynthia Hyde
MGMT 311/ IP/ U5
“The Hiring Process”
As Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) at your organization, Suzi’s Styles and Fashion, we will be expanding California. I am responsible finding and hiring 26 employees; 20- Sales /Cashiers , 1 Manager, 1 Assistant Manager and 4 Lead persons with appropriate qualifications for each of Job titles listed. I will advertise on, FaceBook, LinkedIn for positions: Lead persons and Sales/Cashiers; then I will use (PAQ) Position Analysis Questionnaire to gather information about the job’s elements from multiple perspectives. PAQ data are analyzed to create a composite of the position. PAQ Allows employers to consider their own unique workplace needs in developing the questions. After reviewing applicants i will schedule group interviews for the leads and group interview for the Sales/Cashiers. Then i will schedule interviews with selected individuals. I will advance positions of assistant manager and manager with in the store in South California. All new employees must pass a drug test before they can start the Training process will include a basic testing evaluation as well as a training of any necessary computers, any programs and videos about company.

As CHRO of this it my responsibility to check for any laws or regulations upon the hiring process that might differ from the state of california to the state of arizona including the amount of minimum wage. All managers and small business owners must know the EEO laws, prior to the interview, in order to avoid a potential lawsuit. All companies with an employer/employee relationship should have a written contract of employment, according Proquest. In the State of Arizona there are basically the same hiring laws like california has no company is allowed to hire persons who are illegal ( a person from another country not having a visa to be in the United States). In hiring employees the law states that you can not discriminate in sex, race, ethnicIty

Or age when hiring employees. The Law also states the company must take income taxes out of employee checks. Including federal and state Taxes . Including unemployment, disability and workmans comp, then taxes for each employee quarterly.

I will search for 20 positions with the JOB DESCRIPTION: SALES CLERK/CASHIER,
Job duties to include: Assist customers in choosing and finding items to be purchased, ringing up customers at cash register, answer phone . fitting room,organize, sort, then replace items back sales floor and recovery of store ( your area designated by supervisor)

Qualifications of this position, applicants must have a high school diploma, College or any certificates helpful . This position

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