Jekill and Hide
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Enfield and the lawyer Utterson were promenading as all Sundays by the London streets. They passed in front of a house and they began a conversation about of the houses door.

That door had a relation with a cruelty act with a girl, in that act Enfield was witness. The responsible of that act was Edward Hyde who wanted to resolve his act giving a check to the girls family with the name of a person very known in London.

After the conversation, Utterson who was the lawyer of Jekyll, the titular of the check, checked the Jekylls testament and he observed that all his possessions would be of Hyde if he died or disappeared. Utterson went to Lanyons house, friend also of Jekyll to investigate some more abou t Hyde but he did not obtain nothing.

Utterson was obsessed in knowing Hyde, so he was kept guard the door. Finally he was found with Hyde. Utterson wants to know the secret of mr hyde.
Jekyll organized a friends meeting in his house. In this metting was the lawyer Utterson. When Jekyll and Utterson was alone, Utterson spoke to Jekyll of his testament but Jekyll said to him that he is not preoccupied, that he would be saved of Hyde , he asked him to help Hyde

A year after, Sir Danvers Carew, a member of the parliament, was murdered by Hyde. All the tracks were leading to him and the policeman could seize him but nobody could identify him because nobody know where he was.

After of the Carews crime, Utterson going to Jekylls house to inform him the crime. Jekyll gave to Utterson a letter of Hyde that he had received and he said to him that his relationships with Hyde had ended, but Utterson was suspecting a relationship between Jekyll and Hyde and he confirmed this when Poole, a Jekylls servant, observed a relation between the form of write of Jekyll and Hyde.

Utterson went to his house and he was with his secretary. Utterson showed the letter to Guest who was interested in the study of handwriting. Guest checked and compared the letter with an invitation of Jekyll to Utterson, that it had arrived in those moments. Guest noted similarities between the letters.

Time passed. Hyde disappeared completely. Utterson had wanted to see Jekyll, but he did not want, as soon as Utterson went to the Lanyons house and asked to him if he knows something of Jekyll. Lanyon was altered and requested to him that anymore spoke to him of Jekyll.

Lanyon died and Utterson received a letter from he, but this letter could not be opened until Jekylls death, that schemed to Utterson.
Utterson had been known by Poole that Jekyll was sick because he had not left of the cabinet.
A Sunday Utterson and Enfield went for a walk and they saw Jekyll sittingt in a window, Suddenly they noted a change in his physiognomy and he disappeared from the window.


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