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/American History
My mother in law Kathy Workman is a beautiful person inside and out. I have learned so much from her the past two years I honestly don’t know where I would be without her. Kathy is the type of person you can talk to until you’re out of words and she will sit there and listen. Kathy never judges and always has this sense of calming over her. I met Kathy in early 2013 and the day we met changed my life for good.

I had been in a bad relationship and was finally letting go. I was in the middle of my divorce when I met a man named Steven Workman. I quickly fell in love. Seriously, it all happened so fast. We met in July 2013, moved in together in August 2013, got engaged in December 2013 and were married in May 2014. I had never loved anyone so much. I knew it was fast and many were concerned but I had never met anyone that made me feel the way he did. Before we were married I met Kathy. Kathy lives in Alabama and came to visit. Kathy came into my home with welcoming arms and never judged me. Steven left the house so we could get to know another. Kathy started talking about her past careers and asked where I was headed. I looked with a blank face and didn’t answer but just sat and pondered the question. Kathy quickly began talking again and said well I was a Social Worker. Kathy went into detail about how she helped so many children and how mad their upbringing was. Kathy asked how my relationship was with my mother. I instantly burst into tears. I began telling Kathy how my mother had moved me from city to city following men always trying to find love. I never went to a high school more than six months. My mother had hit me constantly. On my sixteenth birthday I remember their being a cake in the fridge with a note letting me know she was at a boyfriend’s house. Anytime my mother broke up with someone or the relationship ended, she would tell me it was my fault. At one time my mother was engaged and we were living in the man’s home; he was a truck driver, and she had a boyfriend. That same boyfriend she was cheating on him with his best friend. I could never keep my stories straight which resulted in more hitting. I told Kathy how I could never act like a kid, I always had to be a grown up around my mom. One night my mother pulled up to the door after my boyfriend and I got into a popcorn fight and she pulled me by my hair into my bedroom and hit my head so many

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