Amazon.Com Case Study
Soon after debut 10 years ago, now it has become the king of e-commerce which runs a global powerhouse that generated sales nearly $7 billion last year, selling everything from unicorn meat to Barack Obama toilet paper. So what is the secret behind all this success? started out to create personalized purchase experience for book buyers by providing more useful information and more options than other normal bookstores. Over the years, has engaged and diversified its product lines into more popular categories other than just books, such as, movie DVDs and music CDs, PC components, electronic devices, furniture, toys, accessories and more. All the purchases can be made with one click.

Later that year, launched an electronic book reader named Kindle, which can store and give access to thousands of e-books, magazines, and newspaper in just a small device. This then reached the spot of Amazon’s number one selling product in 2009.

In conclusion, the key to Amazon’s success is the willingness to invest in latest e-commerce technology to make shopping online faster, easier and more profitable for its customers and merchants.

2. In 2007, Amazon launched an electronic book reader which can deliver thousands of e-books, magazines, and newspapers in just a small device with a thickness the same as a magazine, and the lightness of a paperback, namely Kindle. The device later became Amazon’s com number one selling product in the same year and revolutionized the book industry. Via connecting to the Internet, users can order books, download magazines and read them anytime anywhere later offline. Instead of carrying a heavy bag, the students can go to school with a reading device heavy no more than 200g. The teacher can provide materials for lectures for each student in advance. 3 years after birth, the Amazon-branded Kindle sales is larger than those of printed book. With more than 950,000 e-books available cover all ranges of subjects which are significantly cheaper than printed books,

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