Catherine Monologue
Catherine monologueMorris came the last night, he had planned to come, take my heart and marry with me. However, everything was not the same anymore. It would not be and cannot be. I would not be able to trust him, not after what he had done to me. Morris played with my feelings. He had told me that we would get married the last night. However, he did not return to collect me. This led to me think of one thing; that he did not love me at all. He was in love with my money, not me.  It was not the first time he had done that, actually it was the second time and I’m not going to let him play with me again. My eyes do not have the love I used to have towards Morris; I have hatred towards him and his love. I always ask myself, why did he not love me but my money instead. I think I was as blind as a mole. My father had warned me, but I thought that my heart actually belonged to Morris and that he would not leave me whatever happens between me and my father. My soul was beginning to get boiled with the anger I had the night Morris did not turn up to pick me up. Our hearts would have been full of happiness, however, it’s not we anymore; I have regrets inside me for loving Morris this much. My heart is broken now, and I’m sure that nothing will have the power to fix it again; not even if Morris loves me. Not even if he comes to me with his love and heart.

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