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Based on the information given, do you think this sales call can be closed?
Those of us in sales are often consumed with one thing: the close. Weve been trained to accomplish this by pushing those all-important features and benefits. From the moment we begin the sales process, our vision is focused on the end.

By going through this case, we can say that this sale can be closed. The last line indicates that Jim was interested in the deal offered by Bob. Moreover Bob followed the proper business proposition while dealing to Jim. He started with the product, its quality and impact on the market and then the price. He presented his product in such a way that it made an impact on Jim.

Assume you are Bob. After Jim’s last comment, which close would you use next? Why?
I will use, “Tell you what, Im offering you this extra discount and free delivery because you are clearly well-connected in the area. You are the expert; you will understand how good this product and offer is.”

I will use the above line because the Compliment Close that I have used works by flattering the other person, massaging their ego so they are more concerned with feeling good than parting with their money. Putting the other person on a pedestal and admiring them encourages them to live up to the high expectations you have of them.

What appeared to be the major obstacle to closing this sale?
The major obstacle in this case seems to be the space problem. However, in my point of view, I think the major problem was deal. Jim was not interested till Bob offered him the interesting deal with discount and free delivery. Once Bob offered him that deal, Jim was delighted and commented that he should take advantage of this deal.

Did Jim give any closing clues? Identify them.
Yes, there were some clues which showed that Jim was interested in the deal.
First up all, when Bob told him about the product and the quality, Jim showed his interest by feeling the product and then when Bob offered him the discount on price, Jim again showed some extra interest which can be seen from the lines written in the case as “Bob feels he now has Jim wanting the goods” . At last when Bob offered the bonus offer by providing him the free delivery, Jim gave his consent by saying that he should take advantage of this

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