The Crucible
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“She made me do it, She made Betty do it,” yells Abigail when she was accused of conjuring spirits with Tituba in The Crucible. Telling the truth is very hard for younger children, even if what they did wasn’t a big deal. Abigail blames Tituba, of conjuring spirits in the woods with her and other girls. I have had experiences like theirs were I am blamed or blamed someone else

What would you do if you broke something or did something that is of great concern to your parents? Blaming someone else was practiced during the witch-hunts in 1962 and it is practiced today. I can recall one incident when I was younger, a friend and I were tossing a ball back and forth, when I threw it much harder back at her. The ball bounced off her and hit a glass door to our entertainment center. All I could think of saying when my parents got home was, “She did it!” I blamed my fault on my younger sister knowing she would be in less trouble then me naturally. In the book, The Crucible, Abigail blames the fault on Tituba because she’s afraid of getting into deep trouble.

Another incident I can recall when my older sister was playing soccer in our back yard, she kicked the ball into our neighbors’ brand new truck, leaving a small but noticeable dent on the door. Of coarse our neighbor comes out yelling at us, but my sister told him I did it. I had to pay for my sister’s mistake by mowing his lawn for two weeks! My sister basically did what Abigail did in The Crucible; she saves herself only to get someone else in trouble.

The last incident I can remember more valid. I was sitting in a chair in my friend’s room. She was tossing a phone to her sister, but she misses.

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