Renaissance 2015
Essay Preview: Renaissance 2015
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My talent is more than one talent which some may call it as being multi-talented. I can do pretty much anything once I put my mind to and once it is shown to me one time I will be able to do it without supervision. Below I will list a few of my many talents and compare them from the internet with the outcome of my own work.

While home after giving birth to my daughter I picked up a hobby in making baby shower pins. A friend of mine was having a baby shower and needed help in getting her pins done. She was running out of funds so I volunteer in making the pins for her. I went to my local novelty store to see how the pins looked and are made.

Once I saw how easy it was I bought all the products that I needed and began making them myself. Once I finished the pins I was very proud of myself and began showing people what I had done. I had gotten great response back which lead to people placing orders and me making this hobby into something that makes me money.

My next talent is decorating for parties as well as doing party bags for kid events. My family is the type where we celebrate everything in our lives whether it’s a birth, a birthday, graduation etc. My older cousin was having a party for her son (my little cousin) and the theme was ninja turtles. She asked me if I was able to help her and I agreed to do the party bags.

I looked online for unique ideas to make ninja turtle party bags, which I did. Once I found a cute idea I sent it to her and she loved it. I bought all I needed and even created a little comic quote to add to the bag and it came out perfect. After that I was called upon to do other events since I have such a creative mind.

The other event was a baby shower for my cousin friend where the theme was tutu for a little girl so I looked up unique ideas and found teddy bears with tutus on. I went on YouTube and saw how to make a tutu and I saw how simple it was. I showed the idea to my cousin and told her I will do it for her also I will put them on the favors. It came out so pretty and her friend loved it as well as the guest.

My last event I helped decorate was my little cousin party where they asked me if I can do a balloon arch. Now that was something that I always wanted to learn so it can help me save money for my future events. I told my cousin what to buy and once I Google how to do the arch it was the easiest thing ever. Now I’m going to do it for my daughter upcoming birthday party.

My last and final talent that I am going to share with you is the rhinestone converse sneaker I made for my daughter. I always said that little girls look so cute in bedazzled clothing and footwear. So I went online to see how I can make some bedazzled converse sneakers for my baby. Once again the power of Google and YouTube has shown me what I need and how to do it.

I went online to see where I can get these items and over the weekend I made it my duty to do so. I

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