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Given all the changes in the branding strategy for Las Vegas over the years, has the Vegas brand had a consistent meaning to consumers? Is this a benefit or a detriment as the city moves forward?

Although the positioning of the Vegas brand has changed from time to time, the town has and will probably never entirely lose their “Sin City” label. Tourism is Vegass biggest industry and the reason behind that is because Vegas is essentially an adult playground and great way for adults to escape from the real world. What attracts new customers and makes old customers return to Vegas is that there is a certain degree of “naughtiness” in the Vegas experience. When Las Vegas was trying to expand and attract families to come to Vegas, they realized that the family image just didnt sync well with the classic vices that were still alike and well in Vegas. This is because their image as “Sin City” stuck even though their branding strategy changed. Consumers could not change their views of Vegas from a down-and-dirty “Sin City” to a family vacation destination. While LVCVA did make a good attempt in line extension by building roller coasters on the strip and world class water parks, its brand image was still consistent in that it was still a place meant for adults. It is a benefit because Las Vegas is not only a city, it is a brand name and most people are aware of what Las Vegas is about even without going there. However, it could also be a detriment because they cannot give the “family experience” as much as say, Orlando. Marketing research has shown that especially during hard economic times, people wanted to know that the same Vegas theyve known and loved is still there. Overall it is a benefit because Vegas has pushed its brand to a luxury brand while still being affordable for those who have less disposable income. Their brand equity is based on “Sin City” and that will not change for years to come.

What is Las Vegas selling? What are visitors really buying? Discuss these questions in terms of the core benefit, actual product, and augmented product levels.

Las Vegas sells both a leisure experience and provides a professional business convention setting. For people trying to experiencing the leisure side, the core benefit is that Vegas provides a combination of leisure, shopping, gambling, and adult entertainment all in one place. A lot of people go to Las Vegas solely for these reasons because they do not have access to the same services in their hometown. The actual products that Las Vegas sells are hospitality services, shows, events, tours, restaurants, shopping, attractions, nightlife, pools, spas, golf, outdoor recreation, casinos etc. For people who go to Vegas to attend business functions, the core benefit is that Vegas has a lot of attractive business convention settings. The actual products they sell are meeting

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