Pfizer on the Front Lines – Article Review
Essay Preview: Pfizer on the Front Lines – Article Review
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The title to the article is” Pfizer on the front lines” and was written by Wayne Koberstein. The article was first published in Eugene in the United States. In this particular article the author focused on Pfizer as being the industrys most successful and largest company compared to most others in financial performance. The author had the opportunity to interview the top three executives of Pfizer and was able to gain personal inside information about the company and it major operations. Some of the information that was presented gave a brief description of the types of products that the company manufactured as well as the chairman and executives that were responsible for each department. For example, some of the chairman responsibilities included pharmaceuticals, OTC, and animal health businesses, and giving a corporate perspective of the company. Some were responsible for sketching the structure and strategy of the companys now R&D unit. Others discussed the companys blockbuster products and research pipeline. The author also discussed other financial gains and revenue that the company has made over the years and how they continue to show growth by making financial contributions to states that were in need as well as donate products, medicines and supplies . The company has also given millions of dollars through pledging and matching funds. Although the author stressed several strong points about the success of Pfizer, he also highlighted a few critical setbacks such as bad leadership, economic downturns and a few cultural conflicts. However, the company was able to withstand and still remains the nations leading pharmaceutical company. Finally, the author, a pharmaceutical executive himself, developed his ideas directly by gathering information from interviews by the three top executives in the company. Therefore, he was able to obtain good statistical data and had the opportunity to form his own personal opinion of what was being reported by the executives.

Personally speaking, I think that this article was very organized. One reason is that it gave very detailed information and statistics about the companys history, performance and financial status. The statistical data was very easy to interpret because it contained a breakdown of all major gains in the company from month to year from sales and foreign exchange to the exact amount. The statistics also showed how certain percentages of the revenue were spent and contributed to. The article also broke down all products that the company manufactured as well as their uses and purposes. The article did contain photos but no graphics. However, the computer did contain photos of the three executives that were interviewed. However, the computer did not allow for them to be viewed when printed article was printed out. There were no graphics used in article. The words in the article were easy to read and the passage was easy to

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