Ibm and the Two Thomas J. Watsons
Essay title: Ibm and the Two Thomas J. Watsons
IBM and the Two Thomas J. Watsons
1920-1950. Thomas J Watson Sr
1950-1971. Thomas J Watson Jr
IBM industry leader in mid 1990s, even after serious problems during the 1980s
Private companies were reluctant to invest in computer R&D. DOD financed most of the necessary R&D. This allowed the U.S. to take the lead in IT.
Two historical developments: tons of data to be filed, sorted and analyzed. Larger role that defense-related industries and US military played in the American economy especially WWII. Private sector refined computer technologies in order to make them commercial. Entrepreneurs entered the market forming on IT companies, creating languages.

Spread of computer use went through 3 stages: 1) military market 2) business apps 3) household market. PC introduced in 1970. Part of PC success came from rapidly declining costs. Microchip as example. IBM went OPEN ARCHITECTURE in 1981 made compatibility a reality.

Thomas J Watson obsessive focus on marketing most distinctive trait. Paying scrupulous attention to customer needs

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