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In the early 1900s a large family migrated from Bikfaya, Lebanon to pursue their dreams in America. My Grandfather, Owen Jamail, was one of the members of that journey. The dream of the Jamail family was to open multiple produce stores throughout Houston, Texas. The produce stores were a huge success. The Jamail family is known to this day for the service and fresh produce that they provided to the finest families. It is because of my Grandfathers legacy that I have a strong desire within me to provide the same service and fresh produce that made the Jamail name what it is today.

My dream is to revolutionize the sandwich shop business by catering to the upper class citizens of Dallas, Texas. The sandwiches will be packed with specialty meats, cheeses, and vegetables that will be imported from around the world. The meats will be all natural with no animal by-products. The vegetables will be fresh and organic, imported from Israel, Peru, and Taiwan. My wish is to carry on the Jamail reputation by providing the best service and sandwiches to the Dallas community.

Another passion that was passed down to me from my Grand-father was the gift of giving. I have a strong desire to reach out and help the uneducated and less fortunate citizens of Dallas. I plan to provide low-income citizens a chance to enhance their education. I want to start a school free of cost to the adults in the Dallas community. The school will have well-trained teachers, counselors, and staff to run the school. It will provide any level of education up to the twelfth grade. Any under-privileged person can improve their education and have access to job-hunting resources and aid. The school will have a personal approach and each student will be treated with dignity and respect. Students will be encouraged to go out and help others in the community.

Each student will be encouraged to tutor the lower grade students and will be required to perform a certain amount of

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