A Critique of “working and Stay-At-Home Moms”
A Critique of “Working and stay-at-home moms”Back in the days mothers and wives usually stayed at home to do the house work and take care of their children, while the husband worked outside of the home. At that time women not many women worked, their priorities were their children, house chores and please their husband. Actually at that time women weren’t allowed to work. During that time couples had a large families, more than four children is what they had. So the man of the house had to really work hard to support their large families. We often dont see large families of four or more, usually the most common family now is of four.According to Schwartz and Scott, people got married at a young age in the 1950s. The percent of marriage at the time was high compared to the 1990. During the period of the 1950s, there wasnt many divorces at that time. Couples would get married at a young age a nd they would have children super early too. At that time marriages were normal and typical, which means that there were traditional family. A traditional family was members loved and respected one another and worked hard together for the good of the family.  However, the rate of divorce has increased a lot, the percentage of divorce is high. Usually  a Latina family is the ones that have the most children. They say that the reason why couples would have so many children is, because back then there wasnt the type of protection there is today.

I know that back then divorce wasnt acceptable like it is allowed today. May its because back then divorces were really rare, people wouldnt get divorce. This is due to that you only get to get married once and you made a commitment that you were going to spend the rest of your life with your partner. I know this because I come from a Mexican family, and a marriage is something very serious and traditional. For example, when my grandmother got married her fiancé had to go with his parents to my great grandparents and they have to ask for her hand, meaning if it was okay if their son can marry their daughter. As a traditional marriage my grandmother had to get married to church and she was thought that she could have only got married once and she had to stick together with her husband through good and bad times. This is what most families want their daughters and sons to continue with their generations of a traditional marriage.Furthermore, most mothers today now work and do their responsibilities of caring for their children and doing house chores at home. I believe that those mothers that do that are very independent, meaning that they dont need their husband to support them. They want to move forward in life all by themselves. There are also mothers that work, go to school, care for their child and do house work, I truly admire those mother that do that.  The percentage of mothers that worked back that was very low, actually no mothers worked at that time. On the other hand, the percentage of mothers working today is extremely high; practically all mothers work now.

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