Confessions of an Economic Hitman
Essay Preview: Confessions of an Economic Hitman
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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
The title of this book is intriguing enough, however when diving into the heart of this book, it makes the reader realize aspects of our government, economy, and word that are heart breaking. These Economic Hit men are the ones who are destroying the integrity of our economy, and our relations with the rest of the world. As evidence in this book, these large corporations are the reason for most of the turmoil in our world. However is anything being done to stop it? Besides people like John Perkins writing books about it, no. There are no radical changes in our society that are attempts to prevent situations described in this book. These situations have occurred in the past, and one can be almost 100% positive that they are continuing to happen. The biggest spark that this book caused, however, is whether or not we can blame these Economic Hit men for their actions. Should the individual be held responsible or corporate America?

My personal opinion, is that corporate America is to blame. This is not, to say the individuals are in the right to be participating in these types of activities, it does however fall on the shoulders of corporate America. Corporations, have implanted the concepts of greed, money, power and control in our minds as being the requirements for success, however at what cost should one obtain this “success”. The corporations, like MAIN, manipulate their employees into thinking that what they are doing is in fact helping the under privileged residence of these countries and still making them filthy rich, however it is a cover for their destruction of these economies. Causing these underdeveloped countries to incur absurd amounts of debt by building up their cities, and corporations, is only a temporary fix, and these corporations are aware of that. That concept is actually their overall intention. These corporations do not have the best interest of the country in mind, only the thickness of their wallets. John Perkins states, “What was going on in the energy field was symbolic of a trend that was affecting the whole world. Concerns about social welfare, the environment, and other quality-of-life issues took a back seat to greed” (229). This sums up the premise of this book, greed is the ultimate goal of any company, and the manipulation of their employees is how they accomplish this task. This does not make the individuals, those economic hit men off the hook. Yes they are acting for the corporation, however they lose their own sense of dignity and who they are in the process.

These EHMs are individuals who destroy entire economies, but are still able to justify that they are helping those countries. This is an absolute sham, and these individuals should be ashamed. I do not feel any remorse for John Perkins. Yes he realized the errors of his way and is trying to rectify his actions by exposing the world he helped

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