The Shack Written by William Paul Young
The Shack
The Shack written by William Paul Young is a book known for its amazing description of God. Our Father is portrayed not only in the physical sense, but on an emotional level too. This story is written to helps us move past our religious views and takes us to a whole new perspective. Mackenzie, the main character, guides us through the chapters allowing us to observe how God is meant to be seen. He shares with us his tragic story about his daughter Missy, who went missing as a young girl. Through his grief, God surprisingly showed himself and took Mack on a journey that helped him get over “The Great Sadness”.

When Mack travels to the shack where Missy was assumed to be murdered, something mystifying happens. A large African American woman, a hazy Asian woman, and a Middle Eastern man invite him in to stay with them. We soon find out these characters make up the Holy Trinity as Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu (Young, 2007). Mack didnt think this was possible; they didnt even look the part! The African American woman, supposedly the Father, pointed out that if she revealed herself, “as a very large grandfather figure, like Gandalf, would simply reinforce your religious stereotypes” (Young, 2007). This just shows that often we look at God as have been taught, and according to whatever religion we are brought up to believe. We do the same with Jesus. Today when we see pictures of Jesus they are often of a white man with long blonde hair and a trimmed beard. Mack even asked Jesus why his physical appearance wasnt more appealing in chapter seven of the book. What appeals to one race or religion may not appeal to another.

While on his stay, Mack is helped to get over his hatred towards God. Mack blamed himself and God for his daughters murder. Mack though hated himself for the murder; he ultimately hated God to a point where he turned his

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