Langston Hughes, “mother to Son”, Saying Hopefully
Essay Preview: Langston Hughes, “mother to Son”, Saying Hopefully
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Langston Hughes, “Mother to Son”, saying hopefully
1. A famous television show called “Hannah Montana” shows how an ordinary girl who transforms into a celebrity at night still has to overcome challenges life throws at her.2. Her life was never easy, but she still faces the same challenges we all have. 3. In his poem “Mother to Son,” Langston Hughes depicts an African American mother advising her son to stay hopeful despite all the hardship we encounter in life.4.In line number two Hughes says in the mother voice, “And life for me aint been no crystal stair” (Hughes).5. The stairs is an extended metaphor to represent her life.6. The mother uses the stairs to demonstrate to her son how difficult her life has been, how she must climb up the stairs everyday to improve her life and how she continues to struggle.(compound-complex) 7. During the beginning of the poem we imagine a beautiful, stunning “crystal” staircase but then the mother says, “Its had tacks in it/ and splinters/ and boards torn up/ and places with no carpet on the floor/ bear” (Hughes).8. The author express in these lines is that just because life gets hard we should not quite but keep on going. (Compound)9. The author uses dramatic monologue, because even though mom is telling the son to never give up, she also is addressing the readers as well. 10. Our kids are our inspiration for us to keep going (simple).11. Throughout the story the author implies “Dont you fall now/For Ise still goin, honey/ Ise still climbin (Hughes).12. Life can be easy or hard but as long as we never give up then, we can conjure anything life throws our way.

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