Land Rover Cars – the Catalyst and Conquest 91 Direct Marketing Programmes
Essay Preview: Land Rover Cars – the Catalyst and Conquest 91 Direct Marketing Programmes
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Land Rover is an example of a brand where a global positioning strategy is hard to implement.[36] One of the core brand values that Land Rover has cultivated over the years in Europe is “authenticity.” This core value is based on Land Rovers heritage of fifty-plus years as a 4 × 4-brand in Europe. The North American market, which Land Rover only entered in the 1980s, presents a different picture. There, Jeep, the Chrysler 4 × 4-brand, is perceived as the authentic, original four-wheel drive vehicle. Hence, Land Rover would have a formidable task creating the same image of “authenticity” in North America as it successfully did in Europe.

Thus while there are several brands of off-road four-wheel-drive vehicles, Land Rover is distinctive because of its values of individualism, authenticity and freedom.

Case 2.4: Rover Cars–The Catalyst and Conquest 91 direct marketing programmes
This case was written by Professor Adrian Payne, who is Director of the Centre for Relationship Marketing at Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University.

From the late 1970s Rover became increasingly interested in making better use of the wealth of data that was potentially available from customer purchases, subsequent servicing and claims on warranty. This case study describes how, from a modest beginning, Rover developed a sophisticated approach to direct marketing. Rover benefited in a very tangible way from this approach, which was widely recognized at the time through a number of prestigious awards that it received both in the UK and the USA in recognition of the quality of its innovation in direct marketing. How direct marketing programmes evolved at Rover between 1978 and 1991 is described in detail, especially the circumstances and thinking which led to each new initiative being introduced.

Learning points
This case study shows how a major motor car manufacturer has sought to use direct marketing approaches to build a relationship with final consumers. Many motor car manufacturers have traditionally viewed marketing as a set of activities directed towards their direct customers – the dealerships. They have relied on advertising special deals and other promotional events to deal with the final consumer. Rover have progressively refined an approach to development of a relationship with the final consumer.

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