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Question 1
For a while now, it has been increasingly difficult for labor unions in the United States to attract more members. The changes are mostly as a result of laws that make it hard to unionize. The reduced unionization is also a manifest of the changing composition of jobs. Another current trend in unionization is the formation of worker centers organizations. These unions have emerged as an influential labor movement that functions in better ways than the traditional ones. Unionization was once a driving force for the country’s economy. However, its decline has had a significant impact on people due to inequality. The fall in union membership has caused the share of income to rise at the top. The influence of the worker centers, on the other hand, has been felt in numerous ways. For instance, they have advocated for the promotion of work-related laws and aided in the legal representation of workforces (Sachs 1). Worker centers fit into the worker’s movement in various ways. For one, they provide services such as job placement and offering training for low-wage workers. They also offer advocacy activities, which include organizing protests against bosses who fail to clear legal salaries for their employees.

Question 2
I agree with Yate’s sentiments that the success in collective bargaining rests with its leadership. Nonetheless, having excellent table skills can also lead to achieving bargaining success. Navigating a challenging bargaining situation will require specific approaches and adequate preparation to succeed. Firstly, negotiators should avoid letting a bargain drag on for a long time. Slowed negotiations are often counterproductive. Therefore, swift bargaining will yield fruitful results. Secondly, the bargaining should remain simple and focused on the crucial problems. Overloading proposals with issues will only make it challenging to attain real changes. Hence, time should be vested in the pertinent issues affecting the members and the organization. Finally, there is a need to separate the money from the non-financial (Furlong par. 5). If there is enough money to reach a deal, then the non-momentary can be traded for it. Similarly, in a low-growth economy, less attention should be given to the monetary agreements. In so doing, the management can build confidence in the party members in agreeing to trade difficult financial contracts.

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