Labor Relations of Philhealth
Essay Preview: Labor Relations of Philhealth
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Labor Relations
In every organization the working condition of it employees is essential for employee satisfaction and employee efficiency. It is vital that every concern pertaining to employee welfare be air-out so as to give additional or improve the working condition within the organization.

Labor relations are defined as “a broad field encompassing all the myriad interchanges between employers and employees. While labor relations are most often used to discuss this exchange as it pertains to unionized employees, it may also refer to non-union employees as well. Labor relations are dictated in a large part by the government of a nation and the various regulations it provides to industry regarding the treatment of employees.”

In our interview with the Human Resource Manager of PhilHealth we have found out that there are different Labor Relations, practices in their organization. Through the course of our interview we have found out several practices. These said practices will be discussed in the succeeding selection.

We have found out that in their organization has a centralized labor union. The manager described it as such because it is the only labor union in the organization at present that provides an avenue for employees to air out their concerns. It was also said in the interview that the main reason the union in their organization was formed because of some work related conditions. The organization also engages in collective bargaining where they discus different working conditions of the employees such as salaries, benefits, and etc. Collective bargaining is defined as “is a type of negotiation used by employees to work with their employers.” In the organization it is mandatory for employees to join or to be a member of the labor unions. This involves filling up of forms like membership forms and their union fees or union dues are directly deducted from their salaries. It was also disclosed to us that at the earlier times of their organization there were two established labor unions however due to the conflict on what labor union is more superior the organization decided to merge the two labor unions. Now the organization does not experience any conflict between the organization and the labor union. It was also stated that besides from the labor union within the organization, the employees are also a member of a cooperative where they could be assisted with their different financial needs when they require it.

As a whole the labor relations within PhilHealth is good for it will help the employees as well as the management asses if the employees are satisfied and if they are contented with the different policies or any work related aspects within the organization. The establishment of a cooperative for the employees is also an effective way to help and/or motivate their employees.

As a recommendation for the organization,

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