An Article Analysis on Ganito Kami Nuon..Paani Kayo Ngayon
Essay Preview: An Article Analysis on Ganito Kami Nuon..Paani Kayo Ngayon
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ARTICLE ANALYSISTitle: Ganito Kami NuonPaano Kayo Ngayon (1977)Setting: Metro Manila.Characters:  Christopher de Leon: Nicolas ‘Kulas’ OcampoGloria Diaz: Matilde ‘Diding’ Diaz PatronLeopoldo Salcedo: Fortunato ‘Atong’ CapiliEddie Garcia: TiborTsing Tong Tsai: LimE.A. Rocha: Padre Gil CorcueraDranreb Belleza: BindoyPlot:        The story is about a simple but kind-hearted farmer named Kulas who was orphaned early in the beginning of the film by the death of his mother, his only known relative. Because of an errand for a priest, Kulas is swept on the tumultuous history of Philippine revolution as well as the struggle of the society to define itself after being freed from its colonial master.Theme:         At first glance, the film seemed to be a simple love story between a simple young man and his beautiful yet ambitious love interest, but the movie subtly picks up important lessons along the way. The film perfectly depicts the horrendous abuse the Filipinos received from the Spaniards and their own fellowmen and the issue of national identity caused by the prolonged colonization of Spain.Point of View:        First Person Point of View.Executive Summary:        After the unfortunate death of Kulas’s mother from the disastrous fire that consumed completely the makeshift house they call – home, Kulas finally decided to leave their barrio to search for a new beginning – a new life by traveling the country. With him is his horse he fondly called Kidlat.  Along with Kidlat, they witnessed an event that completely changed his life. To their surprise, they saw wicked bandits running after a Spanish friar named Padre Gil Corcuera. Kulas, touched by the request of the friar to save him, innocently brought Padre Gil to town. Seeing the innocence and purity of Kulas’s heart, Padre Gil shared his deepest secret to Kulas, a son he borne while being a priest.

Owing his life to Kulas, the Priest had one more request-to look for his lost son that was believed to be living in the nearby town and to bring him back to Manila.        The quest was never easy. Kulas had to go through unfamiliar terrain and meets hostile people but fate was good to Kulas. He had smoothly took Bindoy from his home and met a beautiful woman named Diding who immediately caught his heart. Diding was a beautiful actress whose personal desire is to become a known actress.        Kulas and Bindoy travelled with the Zarzuela actors for a couple of days. Diding’s father, Fortunato who’s done some misdemeanor prior to their travel led the group. Diding’s father, was then caught by the guardia sibil but was then released.         Kulas, Bindoy and Diding then travelled without the Zarzuela actors. Along the way, they met a Chinese merchant named Lim whom they asked to accompany them to Manila. On their way to Manila, Kulas and Lim became good acquaintances.         Upon reaching Manila, Lim brought them to his house. Kulas then asked Lim to help him find Padre Gil’s residence in Manila and to help him return Bindoy to his father.         Right after they found Padre Gil’s residence, Kulas noticed the guards outside the house. He approached one guard and told him who Bindoy was, but to his surprise, he was brought to a prison cell and was imprisoned along with rebels. The following day, Kulas was bailed-out by a man named Don Tibor.        Don Tibor was the able lawyer of Padre Gil and was tasked to bring him out and was the bearer of the good news. Before Padre Gil left for Spain, he endowed Kulas with a house and a huge sum of money. He was transformed from a lowly Indio into a rich Senyorito. Kulas gets confounded with the different definitions of ‘Filipino.’ It originally referred to a person of pure Spanish descent born in the country. However, the term evolved. A travelling Chinese merchant named Lim born in the country is also called a Filipino. Being born in the country seems to be the main criteria.

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