Is Krishna An Effective Teacher?
Essay Preview: Is Krishna An Effective Teacher?
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Krishna is an effective teacher. Discuss with close reference to the book.
An effective teacher is a teacher that produces the result that is wanted. In The English Teacher the story is told in the first person so it is difficult to tell if Krishna is an effective teacher. Nowhere on the book does a student or students or even friends and colleagues say that Krishna is an effective English teacher. So we have to discern from the pages of the book as to whether Krishna is an effective teacher.

The book begins with Krishna mulling over “a sense of something missing”. He was taking stock of his daily life and wanted to put it right. It is against this background that Krishna goes back to “Nature” by taking a very early morning jog and bath in the river.

Being consumed by his renewed contact with Nature Krishna is recharged to the point that his whole day is put into chaos. One can even say Krishnan was given an “overdose of Nature and was in a drunken stupor” when he makes his way to class.

When Krishna reaches class late he “decides” to waste time on attendance. In the later part of the class, after the attendance taking, his sub-conscious and his conscience gets a hold of him. The book quotes him thinking to himself “These poor boys are now all attention, cowed by your superior force. They are ready to listen and write down whatever you may say.”(pg 13) This proves that the boys in Albert Mission College certainly feel that Krishnan is an effective teacher. They await with eager anticipation whenever Krishnan is teaching. If Krishna was not an effective teacher why would they bother to even listen to him, let alone “write down whatever he may say”?

On the same page in the book, it is also written “I noticed that some boys were already sitting up alert, ready to note down the pearls dropping form my mouth” This is evidence that the boys in his class respect him and feel that whatever he is saying are like “pearls dropping out from his mouth.”

Krishnan later, gripped by his conscience of doing the right thing, is swayed into confessing to his students of his unpreparedness but but he caught himself lecturing. Later on in the page it says that the “sheer poetry of it carried me on”, which is proof that Krishna is a teacher that is a teacher that enjoys what he is teaching, which is poetry. Another quote that proves this is “I passed on the next scene without knowing it. I could not stop.” He was so into the poem that he “nearly

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