Kombs Engineering Case Study
CASE STUDY 1:KOMBS  ENGINEERINGQ1: What was the reason for the loss of the contract?Ans: kombs make a contract with DOE in 1988 for five years. The kombs were focused on technical work so their performance were also good and DOE were also pleased with their technical performance but the main reason for the loss of contract is that  it do not focus to develop proper system of managing projects. Due to this reason, Kombs need a consultant then September 1993, DOE provided the list of questions and Kombs answered 95 percent of the given question but still the Kombs project management were not succeeded because their performance were not professional. The other main reason for the loss of the contract was that all the projects at Kombs were accomplished through traditional structure management but later, traditional structure replaced by project management then kombs were failed to accomplish the projects. .

Q2:.Could it have been averted?Ans: kombs should focus on technical performance as well as project management. The company should be able to manage proper project management system in such a way that the projects which would be attained are effective and efficient. The company should consult with project management operations to the third party instead of hiring the consultant to train the employees of company. After contract the company should also accomplish their projects through project management rather then traditional structure management because the traditional structure cannot respond rapidly as environmental changesQ3: Does it seem realistic that proposal evaluation committees could consider project management expertise to be as important as technical ability?Ans: Yes, it seems realistic that proposal evaluation committees could consider project management because DOE required a separate section in the proposal on how Kombs would manage the $10 million/year project as well as how the project management system at Kombs functioned. Hence, project management was needed because project management functioned as planning, controlling, organizing and directing so all these functions are not fulfilled without project management.

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